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Sterek AUTechnicalAnalyst!Stiles / FBISpecialAgent!Derek

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in the dark, i can hear your heartbeat

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Jurassic Park AU

A year after his sister Laura dies in a freak accident during the construction of a top secret theme park, Paleontologist Derek Hale decides to visit the establishment along with work friend and Paleobotanist Scott McCall in order to understand what it was that she was so passionate about completing. Upon arrival he meets Stiles Stilinski, a chaotician whose charming persona and seemingly tame mission masks what may be a deeper set of ulterior motives towards the overall success of the park.

As they spend more time among the extinct, secrets are revealed that threaten the lives of everyone on the island. When tensions finally crack and the fences shut off, who will make it out of Jurassic Park alive?

Coming soon to AO3!

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 #wait what #is #happening #in the last two #green shirt lookin’ like he’s a hunter and it’s freckleface season #i don’t watch this show